Moving to Berkeley for college can be exciting, but at times challenging and expensive. Leaving your family home means that a lot of your favorite household appliances are left behind. Once settled at your new home, many things need to be bought and organized. Here are a few must-haves for your student apartment.  

  1. An Air Fryer/Toaster Oven:  Nothing will save you time and energy like an air fryer. Many college dorms do not have kitchens with full stoves and ovens, unlike apartments. An air fryer makes it easy to reheat eats from the dining hall or frozen food from the grocery store. Having an air fryer will also save you money by minimizing the meals you need to eat out. Not to mention allowing for a quick breakfast before your walk to campus, even if you are late. 
  2. A Lamp: Sharing a room can be tricky; especially when you and your roommate have different sleeping schedules. Buying a lamp can be a lifesaver for late nights completing assignments or when you just want to lounge around without bothering your roommate. Sleep disruptions and different sleep schedules are among the main sparks of tension in college housing; solve this by getting a lamp!  
  3. A Brita: Staying hydrated while studying is very important. Fresh drinking water can be surprisingly hard to find in many dorms. Having a Brita will allow you to enjoy ice-cold water quickly! 

While you may need many things to have a comfortable and pleasant college living experience, these three items are good first purchases. Make your time living in dorms great by setting yourself up for early success early one! Or check out the off-campus living options at Square One Management to get more amenities during your time at UC Berkeley.