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Maintenance FAQs

The power in my apartment went out but my neighbors and the whole building still has power.

In most cases it’s probably just a tripped circuit breaker due to a high number of electrical sockets being used at once. Find the circuit breaker box in the apartment and turn all switches to the OFF position. Wait for about one minute and turn the switches to the ON position. If this does not work please contact your resident manager or call our office at 510-900-5200. If it is after office hours please contact our emergency line at 510-900-5201.

My garbage disposal stopped working.

First and foremost make sure there is nothing in the sink hindering the motor from turning. You will need to RESET the garbage disposal by pushing a red button on the bottom of the disposal (underneath the sink).  Please remember only small amounts of food should be placed in the disposal and make sure to run cold water when turning it on.

My toilet keeps running.

The rubber flap sealing the water is probably still in the open position. Open the lid of the tank and shake the handle to close the rubber flap. If this does not work please complete the maintenance request form.

My light bulb is out.

Replace the bulb with the same type of bulb. You will be charged if the bulbs do not appear the same as the ones provided when you first moved in.

There is a gas smell in the unit.

Contact PG&E right away and contact your resident manager or call our office at 510-900-5200 during normal business hours and outside business hours please call our maintenance emergency line at 510-900-5201.

My heater is not working.

Check if the pilot light is on, if not call PG&E or fill out a maintenance request to have it lit.

My toilet is clogged.

Place the rubber end of the plunger in the toilet and push down with the long handle, creating pressure. Pull up on the plunger, creating suction. Repeat several times with force until the toilet clears.

Submit Maintenance Request

It is the policy of Square One Management to require that a maintenance request be filled out completely by residents and submitted to our office before a maintenance appointment can be scheduled.

First please review the list of Maintenance FAQs and see if any of your maintenance concerns can be resolved prior to submitting the form. If not, continue on.

In case of an emergency please dial 911


Moving in/Moving out

Please download our checklist to help you find what you need prior to moving in/out. 

Notice to Vacate

We’re sorry to see you go. Please download the form and let us know when you’ll be moving.

Parking Form 

Bring the filled form to the building’s manager or to the Square One Management office.

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