As students, finding the perfect spot to study can be challenging. There’s always something distracting in our dorm rooms/apartments and the library can get a bit too crowded. Luckily, UC Berkeley is surrounded by some of the best studying spots that offer peaceful and productive environments for students. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top spots on and off campus that are perfect for hitting the books.


Cafes have always been a popular spot for students to study, and Berkeley has no shortage of them. One of the most popular cafes on campus is The Free Speech Movement Cafe located in Moffitt Library. Not only does it offer delicious coffee and snacks, but its spacious seating areas and natural lighting make it a great spot for studying. Another popular option is Romeo’s Coffee, located on Telegraph Avenue near The Laureate student apartments. This cozy café offers a quieter atmosphere and has a wide range of delicious coffee drinks to choose from!


If you’re in need of some fresh air while studying, Berkeley’s gardens are the perfect solution. The Botanical Garden, located on the north side of campus, offers a serene and green environment that is perfect for studying. The Japanese Tea Garden in Tilden Regional Park is another popular option for students seeking a peaceful outdoor study spot.


If you prefer to stay on campus, there are plenty of beautiful courtyards that offer a peaceful setting for studying. The Faculty Glade, located near the Faculty Club on campus, is a popular spot with its lush greenery and quiet atmosphere. The Southside Courtyard between Dwinelle and Wheeler Halls is another great option for studying while enjoying some fresh air.


Whether you prefer the bustling atmosphere of a cafe or the peacefulness of nature, Berkeley has plenty of options for studying near campus. These are just a few of the best spots, so don’t be afraid to explore and find your own favorite study spot! Happy studying! Remember, it’s important to find a spot that works for you and helps you stay focused. So grab your books and head out to one of these great locations for some productive study time near UC Berkeley. Keep exploring and studying hard, Bears! 🐻📚💪 #beststudyspotsnearUCBerkeley #cafes #gardens #courtyards #peaceful #southsidecafes

Written by Van Guerra, Contributing writer/blogger