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A Few Things To Look Out For In Student Housing

College remains a top priority of most students who graduate from high school. In 2013, there were approximately 14.5 million undergraduate students in the United States, and according to StatisticBrain, 61.7% of college students in the country are enrolled full-time....

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What To Expect From College Dorms And Apartments

Nearly 7 billion students attended a four-year college in 2013, and even more students are enrolling in the 629 public and unnumbered private institutions next year. That makes it more important than ever for colleges to offer adequate student housing, whether that...

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Are You Waiting Too Long To Look For Student Housing?

We all put things off, and procrastination problems are pretty much the norm of college (or pre-college) life. Let’s cut to the chase. More and more Americans are attending college every year; in 2013, 6,837,605 students enrolled in four year college programs and...

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